Our Village

Rural Tourism in the Village

The Village of São Brás do Regedouro is yet another amenity of O Regedouro Events.

Located just 100 meters away from the event space and restaurant, the village offers an excellent opportunity to experience Alentejo to its fullest.

In addition to the convenience of the spaces, the comfort and simplicity add to the value of this welcoming and immersive location in the heart of Alentejo’s countryside.

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At Alojamento São Brás do Regedouro – Turismo na Aldeia, you can participate in unique activities that bring you closer to the environment and the local inhabitants.

We have prepared individual or group activities so that you can experience Alentejo to its fullest. Our accommodation is also available to be a part of your event!

If you are hosting an event at O Regedouro and are looking for a comfortable and intimate place to stay, talk to our team and find out more about how to reserve this incredible place.

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