O Regedouro Events

Indoor Space

Regedouro Events offers a spacious indoor area, capable of accommodating up to 100 people.

The venue has been carefully designed to host a wide range of events. With white walls, thoughtful lighting, and a classic wooden floor, the space exudes an added elegance.

The event rooms also feature an iron structure on the ceiling, which allows for the suspension of chandeliers, flowers, and decorative elements.

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Outdoor Space

Our outdoor space is perfect for celebrating the most significant moments of your life.

With a breathtaking view of the Alentejo plain, the area is well-equipped with power points and ample lighting, allowing your event to last well into the night.

The outdoor area boasts natural beauty that harmonizes perfectly with the Alentejo landscape, revealing the charms of the interior of Portugal.

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Meaks or coffee breaks, served by O Regedouro Restaurant

Decoration props and floristry.

Sound systems and digital equipment.

On-sete makeup services.

Photography and videography for comprehensive event coverage.

Lighting and visual effects.

Event design, planning, and on-site coordination.

On-site hairdressing and barber services.

Serviços - eventos
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