Pacotes de Eventos


Duration: 3 days
Capacity: up to 150 people

Day 1:
Welcome Cocktail
Rehearsal Dinner

Day 2:
Church Ceremony
Reception and Party

Day 3:
Farewell Brunch

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imagem igreja decorada para casamento


Duration: 2 days and 2 nights
Capacity: Up to 30 participants

Day 1:
Arrival and Welcome;
Daytime Activities with Workshops and Lectures

Day 2:
Free Time;
Reflection Sessions;
Self-care Activities like Yoga, Massages, and Holistic Therapies;
Closing Dinner

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Imagem de um retiro espiritual

Team Building

Duration: Full-day (8 hours)
Capacity: Up to 50 participants

Reception and Introduction;
Icebreakers and Interactive Games;
Team Building Challenges;
Outdoor Activities;
Reflection and Feedback Sessions;
Closing and Awards Ceremony.

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Evento team Building


Duration: 2 days and 2 nights

Day 1:
Arrival and Welcome;
Recreational Activities;
Celebration Dinner

Day 2:
Birthday Brunch;
Leisure Activities by the pool;
Farewell Picnic

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Mesa de aniversário

Brand/Product Launch

Duration: 2 days

Day 1:
Reception and Coffee break
Brand/Product Presentation and Demonstration

Day 2:
Brunch for Brand/Product Feedback
Event concludes

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Duration: As long as necessary.

What We Offer:
Exclusive use of a spacious and versatile venue;
Customized ambiance with appropriate lighting to showcase artworks;
Flexibility to configure the space according to the specific needs of the exhibition.

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Exposição Artistica
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